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Fluxus Collaborations: Nye Ffarrabas and Geoffrey Hendricks (1931-2018) with Le Xi Video Installation. The exhibition including mixed media pieces by Nye Ffarrabas (formerly Bici Forbes Hendricks) and Geoffrey Hendricks (1932-2018) and video pieces by Lee Xi is located at The Corner at The Colonial Theatre, 89 Main St., Keene, NH.

Nye’s work transcends neat categorization with her event scores (instructions for participants in group and solo improvisation settings), poetry, the visual arts, wall pieces, drawings, text-based art, installations, found-object artifacts and sculpture, and photographic documentation of her performances and happenings. Much of her work is insightful glimpses into daily life with affectionate humor and ironic scrutiny of contemporary mores, and dismay regarding the direction that public life is taking at this time. Her critiques and probing vision often push the boundaries of conventional definitions of ‘art.’ More information is at cxsilvergallery.com/nye-ffarrabas. (http://cxsilvergallery.com/nye-ffarrabas/) A book on her 50-year retrospective is available at magcloud.com/browse/issue/756374 (http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/756374) .

Geoffrey Hendricks (1931-2018) was married to Nye when she was Bici Forbes (Hendricks) a fellow Fluxus Artist. Their time together included many FluxCollaborations. At Geoff’s memorial Nye described the genesis of Geoff’s sky/cloud pictures and objects. In 1962 while out in Wyoming Geoff inadvertently took a number of landscapes with foreground missing – only sky and clouds. When we made to throw the resultant prints, Nye saw them and told him, “No, Geoff. Those are landscapes without the land.”

Lee Xi uses non-traditional materials working in two and three dimensions and animation film. His work suggests the struggle between the limitations of life and its limitless perception. “I am interested in the space between the object and shadow, in which, I believe, art exists. A dramatic relationship is between structure and sensibility created by repetition, change, shifts, and the fluidity of action. By doing this, there is a disregard for the boundaries between substance and shadow, and time and space.”

Cultural Residency of Bhutanese Artists is POSTPONED to next April 6 to 12 2019 due to visa delays and scheduling issues. C.X. Silver Gallery will be hosting a delegation of cultural artists from the Kingdom of Bhutan at 814 Western Avenue, Brattleboro. The delegation will be exhibiting their work, giving demonstrations, and discussing their work with visitors. Rinzin Wangmo, professional weaver and dye expert, is leading a group: Rigzin and his basketry, Tharpa Tashi and his embroidered boot making, and Wangchuk Rinpoche, a specialist in translating thangka paintings. Contact Adam Silver (802) 257-7898 for more information or contact the Gallery by email.


Friday-Saturday-Sunday November 4-5-6, 2016: Weekend Art/Life Retreat at CX Silver Gallery, Brattleboro, Vermont
Participatory/Performance Art · Communal Cooking Lessons · Workshops · Training · Conversation as Art

linda-nye-cai-artlife-nov456-brattleboroYou are cordially invited to an Art / Life retreat weekend of activities with performance artists Linda Mary Montano, Nye Ffarrabas, and Cai Xi, Friday evening November 4th through Sunday midday November 6th, 2016 at the C.X. Silver Gallery, Brattleboro, VT with a visit to the Michael S. Currier Center at The Putney School.

Linda Mary Montano lindamontano.com and Nye Ffarrabas cxsilvergallery.com/nye-ffarrabas have been exploring and dissolving the boundaries between art and life for six decades each. Cai’s art-life journey is now in its fifth decade caixiart.com. Together they will be presenting art / life audience participation experiences along with Cai’s art-as-food-as-art. The schedule of activities includes a variety of group and 1-to-1 performance pieces, individualized training, reiki, intuitive readings, art / life counseling, contemplation, tai chi, qi gong, Five Elements exploration, and food preparation with communal dining as performance pieces.

There are concurrent exhibitions of all three artists. This occasion features the preview of a new book on Linda’s 14 Years of Art/Life, with an exhibition that includes drawings, installations and archival photographs. A selection from Nye’s 50-year retrospective of art pieces, poetry and writings, cxsilvergallery.com/nye-ffarrabas includes the 50th anniversary of the Egg-Time Event which is featured in Nye’s book, a walk on the inside magcloud.com/browse/issue/756374. Cai Xi’s Retrospective 1980-2015 of portraits, landscapes and abstracts is on view nearby at the Michael S. Currier Center, Putney School. At C.X. Silver Gallery, Cai’s installation includes her recent piece on the Chinese Five Elements.

Schedule of activities for the weekend:
Friday, 11/4: 6pm: Arrival, C.X. Silver Gallery, 814 Western Avenue, Brattleboro, VT. 6-7pm: Light meal provided by Cai. 7-9pm: Sessions – Meditation with Linda; Poetry and Reiki with Nye; Opening the Meridians with Cai.
Saturday, 11/5: All day at C.X. Silver Gallery: 7:30-9am: Breakfast and conversation. 9-10am: Tai chi and Qigong with Cai. 10am-6pm: Sessions: Art/Life Counseling with Linda; Poetry and intuitive readings with Nye; Communal meal and preparation including cooking lessons with Cai. 6-9pm: Buffet, conversation and closure for the day’s activities.
Sunday, 11/6: 7:30-9am: Breakfast/conversation at C.X. Silver Gallery. 9:00-9:30am: Car pool to The Putney School. 9:30am-12pm: Sessions at the Michael S. Currier Center, The Putney School, 418 Houghton Brook Road, Putney, VT: Tai chi and Qigong with Cai · Art/Life Counseling with Linda · Stone activities and reiki with Nye · viewing Cai’s retrospective exhibition · Closure for the weekend’s activities. For further information, contact Adam Silver, 802-257-7898 · info@cxsilvergallery.com

* 3-Day Package: $230, (early bird special $210: register by Nov. 1)
* Friday only: $30; Saturday only: $195; Sunday only: $20
* Sliding scale and scholarships available upon request.
* Limited airBnB lodging available on site at a reduced rate for retreat participants.

Photo credits: Annie Sprinkle (Linda); Judith Hill-Weld (Nye); Adam Silver (Cai).


Spoken Word Night, Brattleboro, with Clara Rose Thornton, Nye Ffarrabas, and Alec SilverThursday, December 18, 2014, 8:30pm – 10:30pm, join us for a celebration of performance poetry in a unique visual arts environment.

  • Clara Rose Thornton, 2014 Dublin (Ireland) Slam Poetry Champion whose work examines memory, lust, social justice and racial injustice.
  • Nye Ffarrabas, innovator and word alchemist, active since the New York Fluxus scene of the 1960s.
  • Alec Silver, actor and enthusiast of language.

Photo credits: Aidan Murphy (Clara Rose Thornton); Judith Hill-Weld (Nye Ffarrabas); Jacqueline Wills (Alec Silver).