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Robert Burch

Robert Burch glass

Robert Burch glass.

“I don’t know if I chose glass, or it chose me,” Robert Burch muses. The two met dramatically in the late 1960′s when glassblowing was still new as a re-emerging craft. While visiting at Penland School of Arts and Crafts, Burch ventured out for an evening walk in the surrounding North Carolina woods. “I came upon a little cabin with a roar coming out of it and a strange glow in its windows,” he almost whispers, remembering. “I looked in the door, and there was this guy blowing glass. I was stunned! The magic, the sensuality, the energy of that moving, molten glass! From that moment on, my purpose was to get as close to glass as I could.”

“Most of my inspiration comes from my natural surroundings, and is further enhanced by the beauty of the glass in its molten state. I am fortunate to have found work that I love and that allows me to be creative.”