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Brian D Cohen – Emblems

BRIAN D. COHEN: THE EMBLEM, September 22 – October 30, 2016
Closing reception for the artist: Saturday, October 29th, 4-6pm at C.X. Silver Gallery, 814 Western Avenue, Brattleboro, VT
Gallery inquiries: (802) 257-7898

'a lumine motus Moved by light', etching by Brian D. Cohen, 2015

Brian D. Cohen has created a series of etchings based on Renaissance emblems, presenting familiar elements and objects in association with Latin aphorisms and English translation. The Renaissance emblem book presented familiar elements and scenarios in association with a common saying, intended to invoke associations and meanings with a particular lesson in mind. In this tradition, his images combine with Latin aphorisms to create a web of analogies, associations, and implications on different elements of the universe, guiding the mind to often to simultaneously different and usually contradictory levels of meaning within a somewhat rigid, schematic spatial setting. The physical is presented in order to reveal the spiritual, the metaphysical, the abstract, and the symbolic. This work is about the process by which we see, acquire, and possess things, and what they mean to us, in their variety and complexity, beauty and presence.

Cohen states: “I make images that give you a chance to reflect on what the world is about. I hope my etchings satisfy a desire for detail, presence, and fullness, and I hope viewers will take time to look closely at my work. The process of etching is physical and elemental, requiring force and pressure, inviting aggression and then delicacy, conjoining fire, water, earth, and air. There is something about setting an image in metal that implies permanence, duration, and enduring presence, and I hope my images mirror the medium in that sense. I embrace themes of loss, futility, destruction, and unexpected, redemptive beauty, themes tied to the tradition of printmaking, whose imagery has always tended toward critical commentary and serious contemplation, and often toward humor and irony as well.”

Brian D. Cohen is a printmaker, painter, writer, and educator. He was graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude with high honors from Haverford College and completed his Master’s degree in Painting at the University of Washington. In 1989 he founded Bridge Press, now in Westmoreland, New Hampshire, to further the association and integration of visual image, original text, and book structure. Artist’s books and prints by Cohen have been shown in forty individual exhibitions, and in over 150 group shows. His works are held by major private and public collections throughout the country. Cohen’s essays and reviews have appeared both in print and in online national journals and magazines.