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Cai InTheBox

CX Silver Gallery presents In The Box, by Cai Xi. Opening reception: Sunday, April 5, 2015, 2-4 pm. Please join us for conversation with Cai on the Art-Food Connection and hands-on demonstration.

“For me, Art is about Paradox: appearance-disappearance, nothingness-wholeness, emptiness-substance, movement-fixity. The experience of painting is stepping into and out of myself while I am standing in this box, this square of space. No matter how much ‘outside the box’, however, this is still In The Box. ‘Outside The Box’ is, itself, a box.

“I look at my life the way I look at a blank canvas. In front of the blank canvas, there are millions of opportunities. Putting brush to canvas zeroes in on one opportunity to savor. Each opportunity creates and adds to what I call the whole of the art experience. Each instance of this arrival at one-among-many is a part of my art creation process – eating, working, playing.”

In The Box #1 by Cai Xi In The Box #2 by Cai Xi In The Box #3 by Cai Xi
In The Box #4 by Cai Xi In The Box #5 by Cai Xi In The Box #6 by Cai Xi