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Emma Rueter

For the Love of the Game
Monumental Portrait Photography at C.X. Silver Gallery
June 12 – July 24 2018

C.X. Silver Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of extraordinary black and white portraits by Emma Rueter, recent B.U.H.S. graduate, formerly also of Hilltop Montessori, and aspiring artist and photographer. The images of high school athletes, part of a series entitled ‘For the Love of the Game’, have an archetypal quality.

“My vision was to portray high school athletes competing at the peak of their performance. My goal was to capture these seven athletes in the moment contemplating execution of the right move against a challenging opponent and to show persistence through undeniable fatigue. So much of sports is focused on the outcome of the competition. Little is attributed to what constant training prepares an athlete to endure mentally and physically during a match.

“I hope those who view my work are able to get a glimpse into the mental and physical demands that athletes endure; I offer this collection in honor of the persistent dedication high school athletes put in to playing their best again and again.”
– Emma Rueter

An article on the exhibition and the artist: www.commonsnews.org/site/site05/story.php?articleno=28443&page=1

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