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Fluxus Collaborations – Nye Ffarrabas – Geoffrey Hendricks – Le Xi

Tuesday August 21, 5-9pm all are cordially invited to a Fluxus evening exhibition and video installations at The Corner of The Colonial Theatre, 89 Main St, Keene, NH. The exhibition includes mixed media pieces (FluxObjects) by Nye Ffarrabas (formerly Bici Forbes Hendricks) and Geoffrey Hendricks with mixed media and video pieces by Le Xi. This reception with refreshments is free and open to the public. Exhibitions at The Corner are curated by C.X. Silver Gallery in collaboration with host Colonial Theatre.

Fluxus Collaborations Geoffrey Hendricks Sky Shovel and Sky Road Sign (Hill) - Nye Ffarrabas Chair Piece - Le Xi Dark Sky Fluxus Collaborations Geoffrey Hendricks Sky Boots and Sky Road Sign (Fork) - Nye Ffarrabas Word Box - Le Xi Dark Sky Fluxus Collaborations Geoffrey Hendricks Sky Boots and Sky Road Sign (Fork) - Nye Ffarrabas Word Box - Le Xi Dark Sky

Fluxus Artist Nye Ffarrabas’ work transcends neat categorization with her event scores (instructions for participants in group and solo improvisation settings), poetry, the visual arts, wall pieces, drawings, text-based art, installations, found-object artifacts and sculpture, and photographic documentation of her performances and happenings. Much of her work is insightful glimpses into daily life with affectionate humor and ironic scrutiny of contemporary mores, and dismay regarding the direction that public life is taking at this time. Her critiques and probing vision often push the boundaries of conventional definitions of ‘art.’ More information is at cxsilvergallery.com/nye-ffarrabas. A book on her 50-year retrospective is available at magcloud.com/browse/issue/756374. Nye (when she was Bici Forbes Hendricks) and Geoffrey Hendricks were married 1961-1972. Their time together included many collaborations.

Geoffrey Hendricks (1931-2018) was associated with Fluxus since the mid 1960s. He was professor emeritus of art at Rutgers University, where he taught from 1956 to 2003. In 2002, he edited Critical Mass: Happenings, Fluxus, Performance, Intermedia and Rutgers University, 1958–1972, a book that documents the seminal creative activity and experimental work of faculty members such as Bob Watts, Allan Kaprow, George Brecht, Hendricks, and others. He participated in Fluxus festivals worldwide and exhibited internationally. He maintained studios and residences along with his partner and sometimes collaborator Sur Rodney (Sur). Hendricks became known as a “cloudsmith,” the name originated by Dick Higgins, for his extensive work depicting skies in paintings, on objects, in installations, and in performances. At Geoff’s memorial Nye described the genesis of Geoff’s sky/cloud pictures and objects. In 1962 on a pack trip in Wyoming Geoff’s camera accidentally took a picture of the sky on a timed delay. When he wanted to throw out the resultant slide, Nye saw it and said to him, “No, Geoff. That’s just landscape with the land left out.”

Lee Xi uses non-traditional materials working in two and three dimensions and animation film. His work suggests the struggle between contradictions. “I am interested in the space between object and shadow, in which, I believe, art exists. A dramatic relationship is between structure and sensibility, created by repetition, change, shifts, and the fluidity of action – therein, a disregard for boundaries between substance and shadow, time and space.” More about Lee (Le) and his art: cxsilvergallery.com/artists/le-xi.

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