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Michel Moyse – Le Xi – Deconstructed Narrative

C.X. Silver Gallery presents Michel Moyse and Le Xi: Deconstructed Narrative in Video, Motionpainting and Multimedia.

You are cordially invited to a reception and discussion with the artists ‪FRIDAY July 26, 7-9pm‬ 2019. The installation at CX Silver Gallery is open daily through September by appointment ‪(802) 257-7898‬ x 1.

a still from 'Red Cross' , a multimedia 'motionpainting by Michel Moyse

Michel describes his motionpainting: “ ‘Time’ enters into the picture perhaps more for its plastic properties than its temporal properties. That is, the issue is one of spatial displacement more so than temporal displacement – although these of course exist in “duration”. These developments are absolutely ‘contemporary’, because they rest on the digital revolution. My “motionpaintings” explore this ‘geography of the imagination’. ” Moyse is hosting a motionpainting workshop in August at Center For Digital Art in Brattleboro.

a still from 'Walking Man' a video instalation by Le Xi, 2019

Le explains his video odyssey: “ Art is not what you think it is, nor is it what draws you into a literary story. My work doesn’t give any meaning, just presents the experience of finding shared boundaries. I record the boundaries of different things through cameras and sketches, trying to break the boundaries between art and life, art as a process that exists between different things. This experience has prompted me to look for an elusive quality. Art is helping me to capture as accurately as possible this quality. No matter how I explain its meaning, I have never caught it exactly. I just keep trying to capture it, never interrupted.” Video series of Le Xi 2008 to 2011 is at lexistudio.com/video.html