C X Silver Gallery

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Leonard Ragouzeos

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C.X. Silver Gallery presents
Leonard Ragouzeos: Paintings on Paper
May 5 – June 12, 2016
Open daily by appointment. Call to arrange a visit: Gallery: (802) 257-7898

“Sometimes I choose to make large black & white images which reference or resemble some specific thing— an object or person. Sometimes I choose to make small color paintings which refer to nothing specific but may allude to many things. The paintings on display here are from an ongoing series I began four years ago as an exercise to find themes and unlimited variations within limiting restrictions:
1. Abstract, reductive, non-representational.
2. Square format, 5 to 8 inches.
3. Medium – gouache (opaque watercolor) on paper.
What I hope for in a painting is a dynamic balance of visual elements that invites and rewards slow looking.”

Leonard Ragouzeos studio view