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Nye Ffarrabas

Nye Ffarrabas, photo by Judith Hill-Weld

Sunday October 21, 2018. Interview filmed at Emily Harvey Foundation during documentary film by Ipnose Studio on Fluxus in Italy.

Saturday October 20, 2018. Presentation at the Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery for the Exhibition in Homage to Geoff Hendricks.

Friday October 19, 2018. Presentation at Artisbookshop, Groningen, the Netherlands.

Thursday October 18, 2018. Presentation and Group Fluxus Exhibition at Academie Minerva for ARTisBOOK Week in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Thursday October 4, 2018. Lola Díaz Cantoni interview with Nye Ffarrabas at CX Silver Gallery.

Tuesday August 24, 2018. Performance piece by Nye Ffarrabas, a silent dinner, a new enactment of Nye’s event score / performance that was first composed in January 1966. The original set of instructions are detailed on page 44 of Nye’s book, a walk on the inside: 50-year retrospective (link to preview or purchase the book). a silent dinner 2018 was a collaboration of Nye and Cai Xi with the assistance of Le Xi.

Friday August 24, 2018 5-9pm, Opening reception for actLIFE, a group exhibition and related performance pieces by exhibiting artists including Nye Ffarrabas, Linda Montano, Nina Isabelle, Jennifer Zackin, and the half wedding dress project of Sharon Myers and Cai Xi. 5pm reception starts followed by performance pieces at half hour intervals, each performance piece followed by a discussion between artist and audience. actLIFE highlights and celebrates art in exhibition and performance art that experiments, explores, listens, cultivates, engages – through interdisciplinary multimedia projects through the senses and meditative experiences – giving expression to courage, activism, and art-as-life.

More information: cxsilvergallery.com/nye-ffarrabas or contact Adam Silver 802-579-9088
Programs are free to the public

Nye Ffarrabas: a walk on the inside – 50 year retrospective
Selected works from the 2014 retrospective continue in an ongoing exhibition, C. X. Silver Gallery, 814 Western Avenue, Brattleboro, VT 05301. Opening hours are by appointment throughout the week and year round, calling ahead is recommended (802) 257-7898. info [at] cxsilvergallery [dot] com.

Publication on Nye Ffarrabas’ 50-year retrospective can be previewed at http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/756374 by clicking the ‘preview’ button located directly under the book cover image. Digital and print editions are available for purchase there or through the Gallery.

New and updated 2016-2018 works by Nye Ffarrabas:
Top row: 1) Trolls In Eden. 2) War-Torn Family ~ Whither Shall I Flee? 3) Mirage Oasis Mirage.
Middle row: 4) Living 101. 5) Reliquary: The Seven Martyred Virgins and the Little Lad Who Cared For Them. 6) George to jack: money in politics. 7) gallery view.
Bottom row: 8) Cock of the Cookie Jar. 9) After It’s All Gone: Homage to the Water Protectors 10 and 11) gallery views.

Trolls In Eden, 2016, by Nye Ffarrabas


War-Torn Family ~ (Whither Shall I Flee?), 2016 by Nye Ffarrabas


Mirage Oasis Mirage, 2016, Nye Ffarrabas


Living 101, 2016, Nye Ffarrabas


Reliquary: The Seven Martyred Virgins and the Little Lad Who Cared For Them, 2016, by Nye Ffarrabas


All Work and No Play ..., 2016, by Nye Ffarrabas


Gallery View of Nye Ffarrabas exhibition at C.X. Silver Gallery, view 1 of 3


Garbled Messenger (In and Out of the Cookie Jar), 2016, by Nye Ffarrabas


When All the Water Is Gone... 2016, by Nye Ffarrabas


Gallery View of Nye Ffarrabas exhibition at C.X. Silver Gallery, view 2 of 3


Gallery View of Nye Ffarrabas exhibition at C.X. Silver Gallery, view 3 of 3


Nye’s work transcends neat categorization and even pushes the boundaries of conventional definitions of ‘art’ with her event scores (instructions for participants in group and solo improvisation settings), poetry, the visual arts, wall pieces, drawings, text-based art, installations, found-object artifacts and sculpture, and photographic documentation of her performances and happenings.

From contributors to Nye Ffarrabas: a walk on the inside – 50 years retrospective:

“The person that Nye Ffarrabas used to be was Bici Forbes. Bici was an artist and a member of the laboratory for art, music, and design known as Fluxus. … The artist who was Bici Forbes who became Nye Ffarrabas made an art that integrated life in a deep and peculiarly Fluxus way. … Bici and people like her made the world a better place. Whether or not the world changed around them as much as it might have done in an imaginary past, Bici made good things happen.” – Ken Friedman.

“Nye seems to me to occupy an ongoing, open-minded, creative state of surprise.” – Jacquelynn Baas.

“Nye is a wordsmith, an alchemist with words.” – Geoffrey Hendricks.

“The playful social, political and poetic sensibility evidenced in Nye’s work are what make it a standout.” – Sur Rodney (Sur).

“I think of Bici as a woman of vast courage, grace, and intelligence, whose contribution to Fluxus is now rightly celebrated historically with this retrospective.” – Billie J. Maciunas.

“In often playful and intimate work, we witness her grit, her endurance, and delight in the wicked turns of phrase, grounded deep in Yankee sensibility and generosity of spirit.” – Kendra Mackenzie.

“In these activities she is present, present in the richest sense of truly Being-in-the-world in a way reserved for the blessedly fallen among us who are consciously in the world. She is here and there, then and now, encased in and free from her time.” – Hannah Higgins.

Nye, on her work and process:

“Am I an ‘artist’? Or a ‘writer’? (Or what? ) The answer is, ‘Definitely.’ I work with what I find around me, either objects or words, and I go from there. It’s a way of engaging with the world in an experimental, questing manner, much as a baby puts everything in her mouth to find out what it is.

“The materials I use are often taken from stuff that other people have jettisoned: left-overs, broken objects, typos, and such. Sometimes these things have been reworked, other times the simple act of finding them and giving them a name, and a place to be, is it.

“When you start seeing things in a new way, nothing is exempt, and the playfulness that emanates from this brings new insights, fresh interconnections, and some unsuspected depths. At the same time, speaking from my own perspective, everything is in some way sacred. And special. And weird. And heartbreaking. And hilarious. And breathtaking. And touching. And, in the presence of insatiable curiosity and plentiful goodwill, anything anything can be seen anew, in another light, showing us ourselves, also, in new ways.”

Nye Ffarrabas (formerly Bici Forbes Hendricks) works are located in:
The Museum of Modern Art; Walker Art Center; The Center for the History of Medicine, Countway Library of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Judson Memorial Church; The Getty Research Center. See Walker Art Center’s post or C.X. Silver Gallery for a look at Nye’s (Bici’s) Punctuation Poems (1966).

Weekend Art/Life Retreat at CX Silver Gallery, Brattleboro, Vermont
Participatory/Performance Art · Communal Cooking Lessons · Workshops · Training · Conversation as Art

Art / Life retreat weekend of activities with performance artists Linda Mary Montano, Nye Ffarrabas, and Cai Xi, Friday evening November 4th through Sunday midday November 6th, 2016, Friday and Saturday at the C.X. Silver Gallery, Brattleboro, VT and Sunday at the Michael S. Currier Center at The Putney School.

Linda Mary Montano and Nye Ffarrabas have been exploring and dissolving the boundaries between art and life for six decades each. Cai‘s art-life journey is now in its fifth decade. Together they will be presenting art / life audience participation experiences along with Cai’s art-as-food-as-art. The schedule of activities includes a variety of group and 1-to-1 performance pieces, individualized training, reiki, intuitive readings, art / life counseling, contemplation, tai chi, qi gong, Five Elements exploration, and food preparation with communal dining as performance pieces.

There are concurrent exhibitions of all three artists. This occasion features the preview of a new book on Linda’s 14 Years of Art/Life, with an exhibition that includes drawings, installations and archival photographs. A selection from Nye’s 50-year retrospective of art pieces, poetry and writings, cxsilvergallery.com/nye-ffarrabas includes the 50th anniversary of the Egg-Time Event which is featured in Nye’s book, a walk on the inside magcloud.com/browse/issue/756374. Cai Xi’s Retrospective 1980-2015 of portraits, landscapes and abstracts is on view nearby at the Michael S. Currier Center, Putney School. At C.X. Silver Gallery, Cai’s installation includes her recent piece on the Chinese Five Elements.

Schedule of activities for the weekend: [Bring Blankets for Yourself]
Friday, 11/4: 6pm: Arrival, C.X. Silver Gallery, 814 Western Avenue, Brattleboro, VT. 6-7pm: Light meal provided by Cai. 7-9pm: Sessions – Meditation with Linda; Poetry and Reiki with Nye; Opening the Meridians with Cai.
Saturday, 11/5: All day at C.X. Silver Gallery: 7:30-9am: Breakfast and conversation. 9-10am: Tai chi and Qigong with Cai. 10am-6pm: Sessions: Art/Life Counseling with Linda; Poetry and intuitive readings with Nye; Communal meal and preparation including cooking lessons with Cai. 6-9pm: Buffet, conversation and closure for the day’s activities.
Sunday, 11/6: 7:30-9am: Breakfast/conversation at C.X. Silver Gallery. 9:00-9:30am: Car pool to The Putney School. 9:30am-12pm: Sessions at the Michael S. Currier Center, The Putney School, 418 Houghton Brook Road, Putney, VT: Tai chi and Qigong with Cai · Art/Life Counseling with Linda · Stone activities and reiki with Nye · viewing Cai’s retrospective exhibition · Closure for the weekend’s activities. For further information, contact Adam Silver, 802-257-7898 · info@cxsilvergallery.com

Events/forums were held on three sundays in 2014 to celebrate and consider the retrospectiveMay 4, July 13, and September 7. July 13 featured Nye’s reading from her poetry and memoir-in-progress, ‘Water Monkey Tales’, a round table discussion, and the Egg Balancing activity. September 7 featured a group performance of Nye’s Water Stone and Paper Concert and Nye reading aloud from her works.

Thursday December 18, 2014, 8:30-10:30pm, there was a spoken word showcase, a celebration of performance poetry in a unique visual arts environment, featuring Nye Ffarrabas, Clara Rose Thornton, and Alec Silver.

Tempus Fluxit by Nye Ffarrabas Bison Family Singing by Nye Ffarrabas Artful Dodging, Chair #7 b y Nye Ffarrabas We The People (Chair #6) by Nye Ffarrabas

A video tour of the exhibition, including Nye reading aloud from selected poems on her Vimeo site:

CXSilverGalleryExhibitionTour-NyeRetrospective from Nye Ffarrabas on Vimeo.

CXSilverGalleryExhibition-NyeRetrospective from Nye Ffarrabas on Vimeo.

The forum at the exhibition opening, thanks to videography by Clark Glennon and Brattleboro TV for recording and broadcasting:

Nye Ffarrabas: a walk on the inside: CX Silver Gallery hosts 50-Thank you Arlene Distler for the article and The Commons for publishing Arlene’s article.
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Thanks to Art New England and Anthony Merino for the review of the Retrospective in the November/December issue.

Art New England article reviewing Nye Ffarrabas Retrospective

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