C X Silver Gallery


actLIFE: Friday August 24th 5-9pm at C X Silver Gallery, 814 Western Avenue, Brattleboro, VT. ArtAsFoodAsArt Reception, Exhibition and a series of performance art pieces by exhibiting artists.

actLIFE is for action through the arts, activism, asking questions; for creative community, contemporary conversation, cultivating inner courage, and celebration; for teamwork, the telling of stories, travel within, and teaching each other; for life-as-art and listening; for individuals innovating through interdisciplinary intermedia; for friendships, foundation-building, feasts, flavors, and forums; for experiencing, experimenting and exploring. We are looking at alternative paths expressed through the senses and meditative experiences. Showcasing local, national and international artists, we aim to cultivate an environment of engagement and exchange that expands artistic possibility and exposes to innovative performance art. We identify, develop, celebrate, and savor processes and approaches.

Artists: Linda Mary Montano, Cai Xi, Sharon Myers, Nina Isabelle, Jennifer Zackin, Nye Ffarrabas, and Lee Xi.