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C X Silver Gallery presents Nye Ffarrabas: A Walk on the Inside, a 50-year retrospective of her work, Friday May 2 to Sunday September 7, 2014 at 814 Western Avenue, Brattleboro, Vermont. Opening hours: Thursdays-Sundays 3-8pm and by appointment other times throughout the week, calling ahead to artist Nye Ffarrabas at (802) 579-1938, or, try
Voicemail: (802) 257-7898, ext.2. Mobile: (802) 579-9088. info [at] cxsilvergallery [dot] com

Event/forums: Sundays, 1-4pm on May 4, July 13, and September 7. All welcome. July 13 featured Nye’s reading from her poetry and memoir-in-progress, ‘Water Monkey Tales’, a round table discussion, and the Egg Balancing activity. All welcome to the reception and forum for Nye and her exhibition, Sunday September 7, 1-4pm at C.X. Silver Gallery, 814 Western Avenue, Brattleboro, VT, including Nye reading aloud and The Water Stone and Paper Concert.

The accompanying publication, entitled Nye Ffarrabas: a walk on the inside – 50 year retrospective, is part exhibition catalogue, part memoir, part selected works, a tribute to an artist and poet whose creative works span more than fifty years from before, and during, the heyday of Fluxus in the sixties and seventies and continue to the present day.

Tempus Fluxit by Nye Ffarrabas
Nye’s work pushes the boundaries of conventional definitions of ‘art’ with her event scores (instructions for participants in group and solo improvisation settings), poetry, the visual arts, wall pieces, drawings, text-based art, installations, found-object artifacts and sculpture, and photographic documentation of her performances and happenings.

“The artist who was Bici Forbes who became Nye Ffarrabas made an art that integrated life in a deep and peculiarly Fluxus way. She left far more than fifty years of footprints behind her in the world. So it’s more than fifty years we celebrate here.” – Ken Friedman

“Nye seems to me to occupy an ongoing, open-minded, creative state of surprise.” – Jacquelynn Baas

“The playful social, political and poetic sensibility evidenced in Nye’s work are what make it a standout. … Along with her events and sculptures, the many wondrous small editions produced intermittently with her Black Thumb Press and distributed through the mail locate her at the nexus of the avant-garde of the period that is being actively historicized today” – Sur Rodney (Sur)

“Nye is a wordsmith, an alchemist with words.” – Geoffrey Hendricks

“In often playful and intimate work, we witness her grit, her endurance, and delight in the wicked turns of phrase, grounded deep in Yankee sensibility and generosity of spirit.” – Kendra Mackenzie

“In these activities she is present, present in the richest sense of truly Being-in-the-world in a way reserved for the blessedly fallen among us who really are consciously in the world. She is here and there, then and now, encased in and free from her time.” – Hannah Higgins

Nye Ffarrabas, as usual, has fun with explaining what she has been doing starting from her pioneering work of the 1960s and 70s into her ongoing fusion of art and poetry:

“Am I an ‘artist’? Or a ‘writer’? (Or what? ) The answer is, ‘Definitely.’ I work with what I find around me, either objects or words, and I go from there. It’s a way of engaging with the world in an experimental, questing manner, much as a baby puts everything in her mouth to find out what it is.”

“The materials I use are often taken from stuff that other people have jettisoned: left-overs, broken objects, typos, and such. Sometimes these things have been reworked, other times the simple act of finding them and giving them a name, and a place to be, is it.”

“When you start seeing things in a new way, nothing is exempt, and the playfulness that emanates from this brings new insights, fresh interconnections, and some unsuspected depths. At the same time, speaking from my own perspective, everything is in some way sacred. And special. And weird. And heartbreaking. And hilarious. And breathtaking. And touching. And, in the presence of insatiable curiosity and plentiful goodwill, anything can be seen anew, in another light, showing us ourselves, also, in new ways.”

The Gallery is open by appointment Thursdays through Sundays 3-8pm during the exhibition. Calling ahead is recommended. Other times and days are also possible with advance planning.

Preview the book at magcloud.com/browse/issue/756374 (preview button located under image of book cover).

Exhibition runs May 2 – August 23, 2014. The Gallery is open by appointment: (802) 579-9088.

Nye Ffarrabas: a walk on the inside - 50 year retrospective Find out more on MagCloud)