C X Silver Gallery


Nye Ffarrabas · Geoffrey Hendricks
October 2018 – March 2019
Reception with Nye Ffarrabas: Saturday November 10th 4-6pm
CX Silver Gallery 814 Western Ave Brattleboro VT
Inquiries: (802) 257-7898

International, interdisciplinary and experimental, Fluxus has been an ongoing laboratory for artistic process and ideas since the 1960s. This exhibition of mixed media pieces (FluxObjects) by Nye/Bici and Geoff documents their time together and apart, a relationship and ongoing communication of 57 years.

Nye Ffarrabas (formerly Bici Forbes and Bici Hendricks) and Geoffrey Hendricks (1931-2018) both transcend neat categorization with their event scores (instructions for participants in group and solo improvisation settings), the visual arts, wall pieces, installations, everyday objects as art, everyday activities incorporated into ritual and performance pieces, ordinary objects seen anew, exploration that has been playful, contemplative, serious and with multiple meanings, both simple and complex at the same time. Nye/Bici started the Black Thumb Press, Bici and Geoff sending out event scores as postcards as mail art to their friends. They kept an ongoing joint journal during their road trips together which they called The Friday Book of White Noise, conversation as art – the one not driving doing the writing down of the ideas and thoughts of both as they occurred.  In 1962 on a pack trip in Wyoming Geoff’s camera unexpectedly took a picture of the sky on a timed delay. When he wanted to throw out the resultant slide, Nye said to him, “No, Geoff. It’s landscape with the land left out.”

“When creative types engage in an intimate relationship, especially when their world view is seen through the same lens, the fields they hoe harvest remarkable results. The interactions of their shared interests manifest noteworthy evidence when realized for all it carries for us to imagine in unexpected surprise and wonder. … Geoff’s fascination embraced the sky, cosmic energy, and dreams. Nye seemed to pull her inspiration sourcing anything within her ground path, the words that describe them, expose them, become them. While Geoff engaged dialogue between earth and sky, Nye was repurposing her ground work out of her everyday living.”  – Sur Rodney (Sur)