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Le Xi

Le Xi approaches light, shadow, time, and space in a constant state of watchful experimentation leading to the development of kinetic video art pieces. His exploration is an attunement and blurring of the boundaries between substance and shadow, reality and imagination, art and life, as energized by rhythm and movement.

There was a installation video projection installations in the Gallery space and, on Saturday evening, in the space outside of the basement level stores that flank the Theatre entrance, 89½ and 93 Main St (Turn It Up! and The Barbery).

Contemplating the transition from the mechanical to the biological, Le Xi experiments with technology to explore the space between the object and shadow, in which he believes art exists. His source material includes the unbroken procession from day to night, the cycle between sunlight and the world of electricity, and the dramatic relationship between structure and sensibility created by repetition, change, shifts, and the fluidity of action. During the day he follows the structure of the world as defined by shadows. At night, he conceives power over shadow by controlling illumination. The result of these investigations is a disregard of the boundaries between substance and shadow, and time and space. His work suggests the struggle between the limitations of life and its limitless perception, attuning the poetic-bridge between reality and imagination, dealing with such questions as what is the gap between them.

Le Xi explains: “Energy fuels the mystery of life from the water wheel and car wheel to the CD ROM and the i-Phone. Energy sparks the foundation of cycles, the thrusting out and coming back from the artificially produced worlds and Nature; from physical energy to mental energy. For people attuning to this energy, through yoga, the Internet, t’ai chi, channeling the qi, or whatever way, being in this energy stimulates the imagination, expands one’s boundaries, and even provides mental evolution. I appreciate that Poetry is a bridge over nothingness to allow the sharing of different imaginations and to free up singularities. I seek to abolish the separation between poetry and mass communication, to recover the power of media from the merchants and return it to the poets and the sages. Following Motion and Energy of Chi as trails left by others in space, I live to view these trails, by catching its e-motion and movement and experiencing the Memory of Trails.”

Based in Chongqing, Vermont and New York, Le Xi grew up in China. He trained at the Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts from 1989 to 1991. He has a MFA from The School of Visual Arts in New York and is on the faculty of Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts. In 1994, he began to paint the “atom, molecule and surprise” project. This project expressed the idea that people stay together while experiencing the shift between the biggest surprise and biggest loss, because of the three gorges Dam project, which started in his city. As part of the contemporary Chinese art scene, Le Xi’s video installations have appeared in China, the United States, Italy and Denmark.

A discussion of his video projection piece, Wheelchair:
For the Chinese-born artist Le Xi, what draws him to Brattleboro are its different kinds of light. Le Xi’s work, “Wheelchair,” was made on Western Avenue in 2010. It‘s an extraordinarily affecting and challenging mixed-media piece in which the dark shadows of many objects, including a puppy’s tail and crosses, are flashed in staccato bursts onto a black shiny wheelchair and the wall behind it. It’s the only piece that moved [Chief Curator Mara] Williams to tears while she talked about it. “This is a proudly beautiful and very disturbing piece,” she said. “We’re dealing with a wheelchair. It’s a very specific chair, not a Windsor chair, and not a rocking chair. There are issues of aging in this piece, of a body that’s fragile and a mind that’s still lively. It’s remembering that you could walk and you don’t want to be confined to the chair, you’re larger than the chair, and you’re struggling against the chair.” – Joyce Marcel, The Commons, The Commons, http://commonsnews.org/site/site05/story.php?articleno=3463&page=3

'Jumping to James' Blue' a video by Le Xi, videostill


C.X. Silver Gallery at The Colonial Theatre

Reception/Viewing/Discussion: Le Xi’s Video Installation Art – Aug 18+19 evening 2017, 7-9pm, at The Colonial Theatre’s gallery space, adjacent to the Theatre entrance and marquee, 89½ Main Street.

For further information contact 802-257-7898 or message to 802-579-9088 and visit cxsilvergallery.com/le-xi.

'Long Life' a video by Le Xi, videostill 'Jumping to James' Blue' a video by Le Xi, videostill Drop-a-video-installation-videostill-by-Le_Xi